The Best Antivirus Protection For 2020

The Best Antivirus Protection For 2020

The Best Antivirus Protection for 2020

Significance of Antivirus Software 

Antivirus software protects your devices from viruses, malware, spyware, phishing attacks, rootkits, spam attacks, and other cyber threats. It gives you immediate alerts if any suspicious activity is detected on your device so that you can take action in real-time. Antivirus safeguards your financial and sensitive data from being corrupted by eradicating existing viruses on your computer. It guards you from becoming a victim of identity theft by blocking all the threats, trojans, and potential risks. Nowadays, many companies and individuals share their files through external hard-drives, USB drives, and other file sharing devices. These External devices are highly vulnerable to the transmission of viruses. Antivirus scans all the data that is shared from the external devices to detect any harmful viruses from infecting your system. In addition, antivirus software optimizes your system performance and provides absolute protection from malicious or risky websites by giving you prompt warnings. 

Comparison Of Top-Rated Antivirus Software Of 2020

Here is the list of 5 best antiviruses with all their features. Go through the given guide and learn about the best antivirus protection of 2020. 

  • Bitdefender: Bitdefender is the best antivirus solution in 2020. It provides you multi-layer protection from ransomware, worms, spyware without even compromising your device performance. Its new cyber threat intelligence technology analyzes all the network-level activities and blocks malware, suspicious URLs, and force attacks. Bitdefender antivirus is equipped with anti-phishing protection and blocks all the risky websites that aim to steal your confidential or financial data, credit card or debit card information, and account credentials. It includes a VPN feature that protects your online presence and encrypts all the data that is sent or received over the network. Its anti-tracker extension keeps your browsing data private, optimizes the browser performance, and loads websites faster. It provides you a secure platform while making bank transactions to prevent fraud and bank details. Furthermore, it has a Wifi Security Advisor feature that checks the safety of wireless networks no matter where you connect and provides real-time spam protection. The antivirus is featured with a File Shredder tool using which you can delete any file without leaving any traces. All above, this is the best antivirus available today and you can buy it from to protect your PC. 
  • McAfee: McAfee is a top-rated and best antivirus that gives you ultimate protection to secure all your devices including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It provides you safe web browsing and blocks all the unsecured websites to maintain your privacy. It is equipped with a Password Manager feature that allows you to store all your account credentials securely in a single location. McAfee protects your private information and confidential data with bank-grade encryption. Its Parental Control feature lets you protect your kid’s online activities and physical location so that you can safeguard them from cyberattacks. Also, it protects your home network against vulnerabilities so that no hacker could access it without your permission. 
  • Norton: Norton is one of the trustworthy and best antiviruses that provides powerful protection for all your devices. Norton Antivirus Smart Firewall monitors all the internet traffic transfer between your computer and other devices and blocks suspicious traffic to protect your personal files from malicious attacks. It offers you 20 GB Cloud Backup where you can store all your confidential files without worrying about any risks. Norton antivirus provides absolute protection to your PC webcam so that no cybercriminal would be able to access your camera to take your pictures for blackmailing you. In addition, Norton Antivirus Password Manager lets you create complicated passwords and allows you to store them securely in your own encrypted cloud-based vault. 
  • Webroot: Webroot Antivirus offers multi-vector protection to your computers and mobile against cyberattacks, malware, viruses, spyware, trojans, etc. It is a highly-rated and best antivirus that safeguards you from anti-phishing activities and also gives you prompt alerts if anyone tries to access your computer. It protects your Usernames, Account Numbers, Personal Information against keyloggers and secures your valuable data from hacking. Webroot scans your data 60 times faster and removes all the viruses automatically. Also, it prevents your hard-drives and sensitive data from being corrupted. Hence, it identifies all kinds of threats in real-time and blocks them from infecting your system.
  • Trend Micro: Trend Micro is one of the effective and best antivirus of 2020. It lets you browse safely without worrying about any dangerous websites that can steal your data. In case, if you attempt to visit any malicious website, you will get an immediate warning message from Trend Micro so that you may not open it. It prohibits illegitimate use of your webcam and microphone and does not allow any cybercriminal to access them. It prevents malicious software attacks in real-time to prevent your confidential data from hijacking. Also, it gives you alerts of all the phishing emails and spam activities and ensures complete protection of your device. Trend Micro provides you protection against the ransomware attacks that encrypts your data into a code and refuses to unlock it until you pay off a desired amount. Further, it provides secure online banking that simply means no authorized user can access your bank statements, account number, or credit card details. It also includes a Parental Control feature that allows you to limit the internet access for your kids, monitor their online activities, and track their physical location.

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