Bitdefender 2020 Antivirus Review

Bitdefender 2020 Antivirus Review 

Bitdefender 2020 Antivirus Review

Bitdefender 2020 is among the top-rated antivirus software that provides various online security suits that fulfills the needs of the users. It comes in a complete package that includes the enhanced and top security features to safeguard your online activity. Moreover, the main advantage of using this antivirus solution is that it is easy to use. Therefore, the users don’t require any technical skills for the deployment of this antivirus solution. It provides the products for both homes as well as the business users so that they can browse and do transactions online without worrying about the cyberattackers. 

Overview on the features of Bitdefender Antivirus Software 

In this article, we have provided all the features and benefits of using the Bitdefender software. Go through the following features that are explained below and learn more about the features of accessing this best in class next generation cybersecurity solution. 

  1. Advanced Threat Defense Technology: Bitdefender 2020 Antivirus uses the advanced threat defense technology to safeguard your online activity being traced. This technology feature detects anything which is suspicious on its own and immediately it takes strict actions so as to provide you complete online security. 
  2. Firewall Web Protection: With the Bitdefender 2020 antivirus, you can get access to the Firewall Web Protection feature as to safeguard your information from online hackers and data snoops. The main function of this feature is to search for the vulnerabilities and security holes in the operating system along with the application that is being installed into your device. 
  3. Multi- Layer Ransomware Protection: Bitdefender antivirus includes a multi-layer ransomware protection that protects your documents, photos, videos against all sorts of ransomware attacks. Multi-Layer Ransomware protection feature works with the Advanced Threat Defense Module so that you can protect your sensitive information, files, folders from encryption against the ransomware. The main advantage of this feature is that it blocks the unauthorized modifications of data, applications and so on within the most vulnerable places. 
  4. Anti- Tracking feature:  Whenever you browse or surf online your online behavior is traced in the form of cookies. In short, your online activity is tracked and sent to other companies that sent you the relevant websites that you are searching for. The Anti-tracking feature blocks the trackers that access your sensitive information without letting you know. Moreover, with the help of this Bitdefender 2020 feature, you can trace and block intrusive web trackers to steal your sensitive information. Additionally, this feature enables you to safeguard your browsing data and also improves the performance by loading the web pages faster than earlier. 
  5. Safe Online Banking: You can now do the banking transactions online without worrying about your important details being stolen or misused. This is so because this antivirus software provides a safe online banking facility and secure your transactions to prevent fraud. It provides you with the Bitdefender Safepay that lets you access your favorite banking and shopping website. Moreover, with Safepay it automatically fills out the billing details within the billing text fields. Also, it blocks the unwanted browser extension and alerts you whenever you try to access the unsafe and insecure website. 
  6. Microphone Monitor: The other best feature of this product is that you can get access to the Microphone Monitor feature. With the help of this feature, you can regain control over your devices by getting complete control over the microphone. Above all, you can look for applications that have access to your microphone. This will help you in maintaining security from unauthorized access. 
  7. Bitdefender Webcam Protection: Bitdefender 2020 Antivirus also includes the webcam protection feature that safeguards your online privacy. Along with this, this module determines which applications on the operating system can have access to the webcam. Moreover, it protects the prying eyes from hacking your webcam just by blocking unauthorized access. In addition to this, users can also pick up the software as per their preference that they want to access and block access to other software. You will be intimated on the spot whenever any unauthorized application tries to access your webcam and then you can simply block it. 
  8. Password Manager: This antivirus software is good at securing and storing passwords, logins, confidential data as well as credit card details. Using the Password Manager you can safeguard all these information and login credentials in a cyber-vault and access it whenever you require. This is so that you can secure all the sensitive information from going into the wrong hands and exploited by the attackers. Password Manager allows you to fix a distinct password setup and then syncing them across all the Bitdefender protected devices. 
  9. Parental Control: The Parental Control feature of Bitdefender 2020 allows the parents so that they can keep an eye on the online activity of their children. In addition to this, it filters out the inappropriate content for the children so that they can only access those contents that are valuable to them. One of the most useful features is that you can restrict the daily limits of the device used so that your children can avoid spending a lot of time surfing online. The best part is that you will immediately be notified whenever your children reach a certain location or accessing the inappropriate content. 
  10. Bitdefender VPN: Bitdefender 2020 Antivirus is the next-generation cybersecurity solution that is well known in providing complete security against online frauds. The Bitdefender VPN safeguards your online activity just by encrypting all the online traffic. Just by accessing the free version of the Bitdefender software, you can get 200 MB per day of encrypted traffic. The best part is that it blocks access to the geo-restricted websites and now you don’t have to worry much about privacy on the web. 

Areas that need improvement with Bitdefender 2020 Antivirus Software 

Bitdefender antivirus software is the world-class cybersecurity solution that is used worldwide so as to enjoy the digital life flawlessly without any interruption. Have a look at certain areas that need to be improved for the proper functioning of the software. 

  • Some of the packages of the Bitdefender 2020 antivirus are very expensive as compared to other software.
  • More security features should be added so that it provides more security and top-notch functions.
  • Live chat facility should be included so that the users can stay in direct touch with the users whenever they face any problem.

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