Set up and manage Bitdefender


Bitdefender Login

Advantages of using Bitdefender Central 

The following are the advantages of using Bitdefender Central. 

  • With the help of remote setup method of Bitdefender Central, you can also attach the parental control to the devices. 
  • Using this software user can use the Bitdefender products online and can make changes to the devices in which this software is being installed. 
  • Once you complete the process of the Bitdefender login, all of your Bitdefender Products installed on different operating devices will be reviewable.
  • You can log in to your account to activate the different Bitdefender Products in one place.

bitdefender login

Account Creation Process Of Bitdefender

Just follow the steps below of the account creation of Bitdefender. This will complete the process appropriately. 

Go to Official Site of Bitdefender 

Firstly, visit Bitdefender’s official website for creating an account. For this, use the “” Web URL. You need to accurately enter this URL in the Address bar located at the very top.  

Access The Account Creation Window Of Bitdefender 

On accessing the right URL, locate and click “Create One” in the Sign In window. With this, the Account Creation window opens. 

Fill in all the required details for Account Creation.

Here, provide all the necessary details such as Full Name, Email address, and password that you would like to associate with this account. 

Go Through the “Terms of Use” link

Select the “I agree with the Terms of Use” checkbox after agreeing to all the terms set out in the Agreement. By selecting this checkbox, you ensure you are well aware of the policies listed in the link.

Click the “Create Account” tab

Tap the “Create Account” tab in order to create your account successfully for Bitdefender Login. Trace this tab at the bottom of this window.

Verify the Verification mail 

 Lastly, Bitdefender will send you an email to confirm your account. Open the mail and then click the “Verify Now” button.

Bitdefender login 

Here is the full set of instructions to help you log on to your Bitdefender account. 

Go to Official Site of Bitdefender

Firstly, visit Bitdefender’s official website. For this, use the “” Web URL. You need to accurately enter this URL in the Address bar located at the very top. 

Fill in the Details In Bitdefender Sign In Window  

With this, the Bitdefender Login window appears on your screen. Type in your email address which is connected to your Bitdefender Account in the very first window that appears. Make sure the email address you have entered contains all the characters with no unwanted spaces in small case letters. After that, click on the given “Next” button there. 

Type in the password you access while creating an account in the window that follows. Thus, write your password into the given text field correctly. 

Tap Sign In button  

Select the “Sign In” button at the bottom of the page, afterwards. You are logged in successfully to your account by doing so. Now you can use keep track of all of your Bitdefender account’s daily activities.

How to delete your Bitdefender Central account?  

  • Reach the Official Website 
  • Access the Bitdefender Login window 
    1. Log in to your Bitdefender account using the registered login credentials with this account. 
    2. Thereafter, from the upper right corner of the window, tap the “Account Management” icon. 
    3. Now, tap the “My Account” tab from the right-hand panel. 
    4. In the upcoming window, press the “Delete Account” tab. Look at this tab at the header band. 
    5. Once again opt for the “Delete Account” tab from the bottom of the page. 
  • Verify the verification Mail 
  • With this, you will get a confirmation mail, tap “Send Email”. 

Following things to keep in mind if you are not able to use Bitdefender Account

  • First and foremost, ensure that you are accessing the updated version of the browser on your system. 
  • Clear the browsing history and cache files from your computer or laptop on which you are accessing Bitdefender. 
  • Must try to use any other device that you are using in order to login to your Bitdefender account.
  • The web address that you have entered while login make sure it is entered correctly. 
  •  Check your internet connectivity if you find any error, try to restart your modem again.